COMING SOON! "Self-Titled Album" IN STORES NOW! "Champion" Also from THE AUDITION "Controversy Loves Company" Champion. Bold and confident, the record title is a reflection of a band meeting their own high expectations. The writing process for a second album can be difficult for any band hoping to maintain the magic from their first release. On their second offering for Victory Records, THE AUDITION have avoided the sophomore jinx and produced an irresistible album that is part fighter, part lover, and all Champion. This Chicago quintet has garnered many definitions of what their sound is: pop, punk, dance, rock – take your pick. Truth is, they’ve earned every one of them, blending smart pop lyrics and grooves with memorable guitar licks and addictive beats. So when deciding how to follow up their 2005 debut Controversy Loves Company, the strategy was simple: stay true to the band’s core rock sound but turn up the heat with ultra catchy melodies and lyrics that reflect the group’s maturation. With a throng of pop-punk peers on the scene, Champion is the record that will separate THE AUDITION from the cookie-cutter acts springing up around every corner. This sophomore outing finds THE AUDITION bringing back the same danceable rhythms and sing-along choruses...READ MORE HERE. ***GET OUR SONGS AS A RINGTONE!! Available for Helio, Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and more! Text "VICTORY" to #71777 OR see what other VICTORY RINGTONES are available! Join OUR Buzznet community! MORE FROM VICTORY RECORDS A Day To Remember - Aiden - The Sleeping - Bayside - Silverstein - Farewell To Freeway - 1997 - A Hero A Fake - OTEP - The Scenic

Amazing Pop Locker

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Happy Tree Friends

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Will & Bri- Happy Birthdayizer (To: Britney Spears)

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Ciara - Never Ever

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Thrillicious: 2008 SoBe Life Water Super Bowl Ad

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Michael Jackson Visionary Unboxing

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Thriller Downunder

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Giant White Glove

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2009-04-27 06:53:22

Meet the Todd

Q&A with the new drummer of Philmont, Todd What's your name: Todd Shelton Davis How old are you: 20 What's your top 5 fav bands of all time: Weezer (Early 90's Era, Not this "Beverly Hills" crap they've put out)

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2009-04-27 04:57:13

The Life We Love Is Making Music

We’re stoked to be back on the road again! We’re crazy gypsies roaming the countryside eager to get to the next place to play, and we hope you’ll be there when we arrive!

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aww, why isn't "smoke and mirrors up?" amazing song :]

27 Nisan 2009

The Photo Atlas

The Photo Atlas

damn I just realized you guys get sexier every album from the first album, Controversy loves company, to Champion, and now the self titled album. what's next??? Heavy moans and pants and riffs on the fourth album? I'd buy that :)

27 Nisan 2009

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The Photo Atlas

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